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We are excited to share the latest updates and news from and around Biognosys and our research services with you:

TrueDiscovery™: Deepest proteome coverage. More accessible.

TrueDiscovery™ now offers the deepest proteome coverage available, with peptide-level insights on 4,200 proteins in plasma, 11,000 in other biofluids, and 13,800 in tissue, covering all relevant disease pathways. We are making our services even more accessible for drug development and clinical research.

Spotlight Video Series: Going Deep into the Tissue Proteome

Another episode of our Spotlight video series is out! Let our Head of R&D LC-MS and Workflows, Roland Bruderer, guide you through discovering the fascinating world of tissue proteomics and explain how deep we can now explore the tissue proteomes to uncover enlightening insights.

Next-generation Proteomics for Protein Degradation Drug Development

With our TrueDiscovery™ and TrueSignature™ platforms, we offer you the possibility to explore novel protein degradation drug candidates by understanding how proteins are degraded and the effect of targeted degradation on the whole proteome. We perform the studies at our GLP-certified and GCP-compliant facility.

Proteomics Supports Immunotherapy Research with Deep Insights

In this blog article, we describe how we supported the PRINCE clinical trial with deep unbiased proteomics, performed with our proprietary TrueDiscovery™ platform, which resulted in the discovery of novel and previously described biomarkers and elucidation of the MoA of the analyzed compounds.

ASMS '22 Poster: Limited Proteolysis as Proteomics Tool

Proteome-wide target identification and selectivity profiling are critical steps during drug discovery. Learn more on how Biognosys' TrueTarget™ research services, powered by our LiP-MS quantitative proteomics technology, address them in this poster presented at ASMS '22.

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