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We’re proud to announce that, today, we will be launching SpectroMine 3 at HUPO 2021 - the latest version of our software solution for unsurpassed DDA proteomics analysis. Find more information about the launch program and the new features and updates below.

Unearth the Full Potential of DDA Proteomics with SpectroMine 3

SpectroMine 3 comes with significantly increased processing speed and new functionalities for specialized workflows such as PTM analysis and immunopeptidomics. Take advantage of the most powerful search engine for isobaric labeling quantification with support for the latest acquisition methods and labeling reagents. Visit the launch page for detailed information on all updates and new features.

Launch Seminar at HUPO 2021 with Erwin M. Schoof (DTU)

Today, November 16th, 2021 at 5.15 PM (UTC), we will kick off the launch with our live industry seminar at HUPO 2021. Lead developer, Tikira Temu will present the new features and updates to the software, followed by Erwin M. Schoof (Technical University of Denmark) who will speak about his work on single-cell proteomics using the latest SpectroMine version.

Discover our Complete Solution for DDA Proteomics

SpectroMine provides a user-friendly environment to get DDA proteomics results in just a few steps, with extensive data browsing and result reporting options. This video tutorial is a brief introduction to using SpectroMine for isobaric labeling quantification (ILQ). You will also learn about some of the new functionalities in SpectroMine 3, including PTM site-level analysis, fraction summarization, and user interface improvements that make analyzing your DDA data more convenient than ever.

Unsurpassed Performance for DDA Proteomics

SpectroMine offers unsurpassed performance for DDA Proteomics. The brochure provides you with an overview of the key features and benefits which make SpectroMine the most powerful and user-friendly solution for DDA proteomics. The brochure elaborates on SpectroMine’s effortless isobaric labeling quantification, powerful search engine, and all-in-one workflow. Last but not least, ordering and customer support information is provided.

Did we get you excited and you would like to try out SpectroMine yourself? Request a free trial license below, our product support team will get back to you within 24 hours:

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