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Next Generation Proteomics Highlights

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We are excited to share the latest innovations and news from Biognosys:

Taking Proteomics into the Next Dimension

We have entered a new era in proteomics at large scale. We can now reliably identify and quantify thousands of proteins in thousands of samples for clinical biomarker validation. We can also now map cell-wide drug binding sites for target validation. Read more in the latest article from our CEO and co-founder Oliver Rinner.

Every Drug Deserves to Know its Target

Understanding the target of a small molecule compound is the key to gaining a deeper insight into its mechanism of action and potential toxicities. Watch this webinar with our scientific advisor, Prof. Paola Picotti (ETH Zürich), as well as Nigel Beaton and Oliver Rinner from Biognosys to hear more about our novel LiP-MS technology for unbiased profiling of drug binding sites across the whole proteome.

Detecting Structural and Functional Changes at Proteome-Wide Scale

Check out this most recent Cell publication from Cappelletti et al. (ETH Zürich, Picotti Group) demonstrating our LiP-MS technology to dramatically expand proteomics ability to identify global protein structural readouts, capture enzyme activity changes, phosphorylation, and protein-protein interactions.

Going Beyond Genomics to Accelerate Precision Oncology 

Have a look at this recently published GenomeWeb article to get an overview of the growing footprint of proteomics in oncology research and its impact on the various stages of drug development. The article also summarizes our recent publication in Nature Communications as well as our posters presented at ESMO, ENA and SITC 2020 congresses.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can support your proteomics research and stay tuned for future Proteomics Highlights.

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