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Next Generation Targeted Proteomics

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We are excited to share news and resources from the launch of the 10th generation of our SpectroDive software for targeted proteomics:

Higher Accuracy with Minimal Effort for MRM, PRM, and SureQuant

SpectroDive brings targeted proteomics to its full potential with advanced peak picking, custom panel generation, optimized scheduling, a complete analysis environment, and first-class technical support! View the full product brochure to learn how SpectroDive can support your research projects.

Simplify Your Targeted Proteomics Analysis with SpectroDive

During the launch seminar at this year’s US HUPO conference, Biognosys’ Maximilian Helf and Tejas Gandhi introduced SpectroDive’s latest feature and functionality updates, followed by a presentation by Simone Di Sanzo (Alessandro Ori Lab, Leibniz Institute on Aging) about his work on the site-specific quantification of aging-related protein modification using SpectroDive. 

How to Jump-start Your Targeted Analysis with SpectroDive

In addition to the launch webinar, we’re also proud to present our first SpectroDive video tutorial. Monika Puchalska from our Product Support team walks you through the basic setup and functionalities to help you get started with SpectroDive.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can support your proteomics research and try SpectroDive yourself:
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