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Next Generation Proteomics Highlights

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We are excited to share our latest highlights and advances in next-generation proteomics:

Explore the Next Dimension of Biological Information with Proteomics

DeepMind's project Alphafold unlocked the possibility to predict 3D protein structures from their sequence. However, the predicted structures are static snapshots. Limited Proteolysis coupled Mass Spectrometry (LiP-MS), Biognosys’ proprietary technology, can complement the 3D information adding an extra layer of biological insights. Our CEO Oliver Rinner explains how large-scale structural proteomics opens up this dimension of rich biological information.

Ben Gonzales, MBA, is Biognosys’ new Head of Sales, North America

We are excited to announce Ben Gonzales, MBA, as Head of Sales, North America. Ben comes with a history of life science and proteomics commercial development and a track record of successfully growing products and services business. In this position, Ben will be responsible for making Biognosys' services more widely adopted by biopharma researchers and proteomics experts in North America.

Searching for Clinical Biomarkers in Blood Using Large-Scale Proteomics

The future of personalized medicine relies on the power of multi-omics. Unprecedented reproducibility, sensitivity, throughput, and clinical transferability puts proteomics in a prime position to drive forward the discovery of novel, biologically relevant biomarkers that will transform diagnosis and treatment for a vast range of health conditions in the future.

How Mass Spectrometry Compares to Affinity-Based Proteomics

Mass spectrometry is a powerful and reliable technique that allows for a complete overview of different dimensions of biological insights. Discover more about how mass spectrometry compares to affinity-based proteomics approaches.

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