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Next Generation Proteomics Solutions

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Today is the big day! Spectronaut 15 is here - the gold-standard software for DIA proteomics analysis. Take a look at what we have prepared for you:

Spectronaut 15: All New Features and Updates

Spectronaut 15 comes with many improvements and new features, such as more identifications, improved quantification, a more comprehensive PTM workflow, an enhanced user experience, improved deep learning augmentation, and many more. Visit the launch page for detailed information on all updates and new features.

New Tutorial: How to perform PTM analysis with Spectronaut

One of the major updates in Spectronaut 15 is the extensive support for PTM studies, including site-based localization, quantification, and regulation analysis. This is complemented with powerful new visualizations and user-friendly site-based reporting. Watch this video tutorial to get an in-depth tour of the new functionalities.

Launch Webinar: Expand Biological Insights with DIA Proteomics

Our big launch webinar is now available on-demand. Spectronaut lead developer, Oliver M. Bernhardt guides through the latest improvements, and guest speaker Andreas-David Brunner from Matthias Mann’s Lab at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry presents their latest research on single-cell proteomics using Spectronaut.
Visit our website to learn more about how we can support your proteomics research and stay tuned for more exciting news.

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The Biognosys Team

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