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Next Generation Proteomics Solutions

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We are excited to share the latest updates and news related to our next-generation proteomics software suite and reference peptide kits.

Biognosys at US HUPO 2022

We are heading to US HUPO 2022 next week where we will host a breakfast seminar titled “Enhance Your Plasma Research with Biognosys’ PQ500™ Reference Peptides”. During the seminar, Manuel Mayr (King’s College London) and Sebastian Müller (Biognosys) will dive into the benefits of using our PQ500™ Reference Peptides kit in plasma proteomics projects.

Free Access to Our Software with Your Next PQ500™ Purchase

To help kickstart your next plasma proteomics project, we are offering free access to two of our popular software solutions. The offer includes a choice of 6 free months of SpectroDive™, our software for targeted proteomics, OR 3 free months of Spectronaut™, our DIA analysis software. To take advantage of this limited-time offer* add the code “PQ500SD” for SpectroDive™ or "PQ500SN" for Spectronaut™ to the notes field at checkout. 

*Valid through March 31, 2022.

New PQ500™ Tutorial with SpectroDive™

Did you know that we regularly post software tutorials on our YouTube channel? In our latest tutorial “How to perform analyses for Biognosys’ PQ500™ Reference Peptides kit with SpectroDive™” Monika Puchalska from our product support team takes you through the process of using our PQ500™ Reference Peptides kit with SpectroDive™, our software for targeted proteomics.

Discover the Benefits of using PQ500™ in Targeted Proteomics

Find out how the PQ500™ Reference Peptides can support your next plasma proteomics project in our recent blog post. Our PQ500™ Reference Peptides kit contains an optimized set of 804 SIS peptides targeting 582 proteins and was developed specifically for plasma proteomics projects.

Visit our website to learn more about how our software and kits can support your proteomics research or reach out to our Support Team at

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