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Next Generation Proteomics Highlights

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We are excited to share the latest updates and news from and around Biognosys and our research services with you:

Discover the Potential of Immunopeptidome Profiling

Immunopeptidomics bears the potential to enable personalized treatments, especially in cancer, infectious, and autoimmune diseases. However, mass spectrometry is the only technology that allows its identification and measurement. This case study describes how our team detected with our new immunopeptidomics workflow > 11,000 Class I and > 9,000 Class II immunopeptides on average and described unique neoantigens in lung cancer.

Now Available: AACR ’22 Scientific Posters

Thank you to all our collaborators, customers, and curious scientists who stopped by to discuss the power of proteomics. At AACR ‘22, we showcased how our next-generation proteomics technology has been put to work at every stage of the drug development pipeline by some of the world’s leading biopharma companies, including AstraZeneca, Cedilla Therapeutics, NeoGenomics, and Crown Bioscience. Our posters are now available as resources on our website.

Meet Us at ASCO '22

We will be at ASCO '22 (June 3-7), ready to meet you and discuss the unlimited possibilities that mass spectrometry opens to speed up and de-risk your drug discovery and development pipeline. We will be at booth #26096. See you there!

Join Us at the Keystone Symposium on Molecular and Cellular Biology

Do not miss our oral presentation on May 25, “Limited Proteolysis as a proteomics tool for target deconvolution and mechanistic insights – a test case.” Our Scientific Director, Nigel Beaton, will show you our latest TrueTarget™ application to deconvolute and validate drug targets in high resolution.

Proteomics Insights From the Lab to the Clinic

Revealing true biology is possible with us! We have been accelerating and de-risking every step of drug discovery and development with the power of proteomics for almost 15 years. Our CBO, Kristina Beeler, explains how we have brought together our knowledge and expertise in mass spectrometry to create three research service platforms that make the power of large-scale proteomics accessible to all: TrueDiscovery, TrueTarget, and TrueSignature.

Visit our website to learn more about how we can support your proteomics research, and subscribe to our Proteomics Highlights to stay up to date with the latest news:

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