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Next Generation Proteomics Solutions

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We are excited to share the latest updates and news related to our next-generation proteomics software suite and reference peptide kits.

Available Now: ASMS Seminar Recordings & Posters

We are happy to share that our ASMS 2022 breakfast seminars and posters are now accessible on our website. There, you can watch recordings of our two breakfast seminars, both highlighting the benefits of Spectronaut® 16, and download our five posters to learn more about Spectronaut, and our TrueTarget™ and TrueDiscovery™ platforms.

Tutorial: How to Perform directDIA with Library Enrichment in Spectronaut

Spectronaut 16 makes it easy to work with enriched directDIA data. This powerful workflow is now accessible with the click of a button. In our latest tutorial, Monika Puchalska from our Product Support team demonstrates how you can set up your DIA analysis with Spectronaut’s directDIA workflow and shows you the new visualization options available in Spectronaut 16.

New Publication on Deep Plasma Profiling

We are proud to share a recent publication from our team of scientists that shows for the first time that using blood plasma to classify stages of cancer could become a possibility in the future. The paper, titled “Biomarker Candidates for Tumors Identified from Deep-Profiled Plasma Stem Predominantly from the Low Abundant Area”, was published in the Journal of Proteome Research and highlights the role of our PQ500™ Reference Peptides Kits and Spectronaut® and SpectroMine software in the study.

Spectronaut Video Series: Our Favorite Things

Ever been curious to learn what our team loves about our flagship software Spectronaut? Then the latest video in our Spectronaut 10-year anniversary video series is just what you need. We asked some of the people behind Spectronaut what their favorite thing about the software is, click the link below to find out what they said!

Visit our website to learn more about how our software and kits can support your proteomics research or reach out to our Support Team at

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