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Next Generation Proteomics Highlights

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We are excited to share the latest updates and news from and around Biognosys with you:

The Next Frontier of Biomarker Discovery in the Precision Medicine Era

Our upcoming launch of our next-generation Plasma Biomarker Discovery solution features a Launch Webinar on November 9th and Launch Exhibition at SITC 2021 on November 12-14th. The new and improved service will offer unprecedented depth and quantitative precision. The workflow will search the complete plasma proteome to identify up to 3,000 of the most relevant proteins.

Biognosys at ASMS 21

This year's ASMS 2021 mass spectrometry conference is a milestone edition for Biognosys. We are proud to be presenting a record number of 3 oral presentations, 1 workshop panel, 10 scientific posters, 2 poster collaborations, and 2 Spectronaut breakfast seminars. We will discuss how our new automated plasma depletion pipeline led to a +362% increase of true leads and introduce our semi-automated workflow to robustly identify 10,000+ unique immunopeptides from low amounts of cultured cells and tissue samples.

Biognosys at HUPO 21

We will be at HUPO 2021 on Nov 15-19th with two scientific poster presentations on biofluid biomarker discovery and a live industry seminar focused on the launch of SpectroMine 3, our software solution with unsurpassed performance for DDA proteomics.

Biognosys Supports Cancer Scout 

We are honored to support Cancer Scout, a large-scale multi-omics research project to accelerate personalized cancer medicine. It is jointly led by The University Medical Center Göttingen and Siemens Healthineers. The project combines genomics, proteomics, and pathology data through artificial intelligence into a "digital biopsy" that supports early, accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Indivumed and Biognosys Extend Strategic Partnership

We are pleased to announce the extension of our strategic partnership with Indivumed, combining our capabilities in omics research to provide biopharma customers with immunopeptidomics insights for drug discovery. Biognosys' proprietary technology and software enables the identification of over 10,000 unique immunopeptides from low amounts of sample material.

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